Audit and Assurance

In our perspective, audited financial statements is an important piece of information for investors, economists, shareholders and other users when judging the health of a company and the overall economy. We provide external statutory and non-statutory audits for multitude of industries from small & medium enterprise(SMEs) to large multinationals. We present our clients accessible understanding on existing state and insights to the future to enhance the value added and quality of the business processes.

We are experienced in dealing with PERS to newly adopted MPERS and MFRS for financial reporting purposes. Being a newly set up, we are committed to deliver the highest standards of corporate governance as well as advice on compliance with any relevant laws and regulations. We ensure high involvement and participation of the partner during the whole process of the audit.

Our Services include

  • Statutory Audit
  • Due Diligence Review
  • Technical Advisory Services
  • Various Reporting Accountants Engagement